From Hattiban Resort you climb up a good amount of ridge before reaching Chanpa Devi which is a small shrine.


Champa Devi Shrine
Champa Devi Shrine

Continue following the ridge up and at Chandra Giri there is a nice trail sign – cut immediately across the hill from here. It will be overgrown and find some old stairs leading down to a small pass with some settlements. Cross through this, climb for about 20 minutes and pass another camp site on your left much like the one in Segment III – this is perhaps 1 hour from the Gondola they are building.


After far too many hours bushwacking up a steep leach infested ridge - we finally found camp

Continue on nice trail for about 30 minutes and then start crossing a horrible dirt road that appears to serve the gondola, you can find sections of the original trail short cutting the switchbacks in the road. At the Gondola is may be difficult to pick up the trail but with some searching you can find it – drop down through the woods here until you finally reach Chitling Banjang. During the run, we exited down to the city on this dirt jeep track because it was the middle of the night. Naaghunda is the police check point and a main highway exit out of the valley (toward Pokhara) – continue up the nearest track you see and climb up past the cell phone tower. You will reach a nice big bald which would make a nice camp site. From there – expect a couple hours of traversing a mix of communities and trail with some bush whacking thrown in for good measure before you reach Bimdunga Chia Pasal which provides a relatively easy route back down into the city if needed.

During the scouting trip we came from the other direction and climbed a ridge further to the east. The ridge was incredibly overgrown and very difficult РWe would not recommend it in the dark. You can find the GPS tracks in the main intro page for this alternative.



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