Our Vision

Beautiful undulating single track trails, huge views, cultural interactions, good company, delicious food, sunsets and alpine glow.

We provide the best light-weight fastpacks in Nepal

We helped start Wide Open Vistas – a Nepal Based Charity
Dispatches and More
Himalayan Outdoor Safety Initiative: Elevating Safety Standards in Nepal’s Adventure Tourism

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Redefining the Outdoor Experience in Nepal Amidst Solo Trekker Ban

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Following Our North Star: Putting Communities and Sustainability First for Sustainable Adventure Tourism in Nepal

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Co-founded by two adventure geeks
Seth Wolpin

Seth divides his time between Seattle and Kathmandu.   His passion is the back-country, hard slogs, big mountain views, and memorable experiences. Some of his bigger adventures include Everest – South Side Summit (2011), self-supported USA transcon run from coast to coast  (2012), Kilimanjaro High Altitude Circuit Trail OKT (2013), Great Himalaya Trail with all technical passes –  Nepal (2014), Kathmandu Valley Rim Trail OKT (2015), Haute Route Pyrenee (2016), Barkley Marathons Participant and Harvey Manning Challenge OKT (2017). When he isn’t in the mountains, he is doing research as a clinical associate professor at the University of Washington. He has helped many trips in Nepal and is trained as Wilderness EMT Level I. He knows some good card tricks.

Sudeep Kandel

Sudeep is an avid runner and a nature adventurist. He co-founded the Kathmandu Running Club which helps people to get started with running. He has taken part in marathons and ultras in Nepal, India and England. In 2015 he ran the length of Nepal, along with two other friends to support a charity called Sano Prayas which helps orphans go to school. He co-holds the Fastest Known Time with Seth on the Manaslu Circuit (2015) and has co-led the Annapurna Fast Pack since 2014.  He is a university graduate, a licensed guide in Nepal, and the owner of Himalayan Adventure Labs.

We are proud of our skills

Trip Logistics

Cooking dal bhat

Predicting the weather

Card tricks in the evening

Getting temples to open even when they are closed