Sudeep Kandel
Owner, Adventure Brewer

Sudeep is always brewing up a new adventure and scheming to find ways to explore untouched parts of Nepal, and the world. He is a licensed trekking guide in Nepal and have crossed most of Nepal on foot. He holds a bachelors degree in development finance and was recently awarded a fellowship by the US State Department to understand how local businesses operate in the US.

Rishi Chudal
Trekking and Climbing Guide

Rishi is curious about almost everything. In this mess of wonders, that is life, he has found the call of the wild to be most tempting.  He is always evolving as an explorer, a rock climber, trail runner and a good human being. His rock moves are buttressed by a Bachelors degree in geology. He is also a damn fine photographer and philosopher.

Sonam Shah
Assistant Trekking Guide

Sonam loves running, backpacking and being in the mountains. She was instrumental in founding the girls running program at Wide Open Vistas and has completed numerous trail runs and ultras in Nepal.  Sonam is currently living in the United States where she is enrolled in college and plotting new adventures.


Anuj Dev Chudal
Assistant and Trekking Climbing Guide

Anuj Dev has been an outdoor person since he was a child. He has completed climbing expeditions in Hampi and Badami in India, tried to solo climb Yala peak in Langtang (DNF) and did the first Free Ascent of “Gham Chaya” in Chame, Manang the highest sport climbing rock route in Nepal with his brother Rishi who also works with HAL. Anuj Dev is a licensed trekking guide. 

Seth Wolpin
Horse Scratcher and Adventure Consultant

Seth fell in love with Nepal many years ago and has been an endurance geek for the last ten with a slow drift from organized trail ultras to exploratory fastpacks and adventure challenges.  His ass has been solidly kicked at Barkley, on Everest, all over the Himalayas and across most of the US. He is an academic refugee with a PhD in Public Health from Oregon State University (2004). He is also a R-EMT.

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Pranav Koirala
Medical Adviser (MBBS) and Remote Physician

Pranav is a licensed Nepali physician now training in the US for Emergency medicine. He has a love for the mountains and rural health. Passions include the outdoors, emergency medicine, healthcare in Nepal. Some of his experiences include work with Everest ER, High altitude expeditions, ultraraces and filming projects among others as an expedition doctor. 

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