Kathmandu Trails

  • Stuck in Kathmandu and itching for an adventure?
    • Hit some trails on the Kathmandu Valley Rim! We love the northern part (Shiva Puri) but it is good in any direction. We have put together a guide and GPX tracks for the entire circuit based on HAL co-founder Seth Wolpin’s continuous push around the circuit in 2015.
    • Run some loops in the queen’s garden behind Hotel Shangri-la
  • Race: Our friends at Trail Running Nepal offer some great races and have full listings for Mira Rai’s Kathmandu Ultra Trail Race Series.
  • Social Runs:

 Misc Trails/Routes

  • Great Himalayan Trail: We have personal experience thru-hiking the GHT in Nepal, crossing all five technical passes. We are compiling our data here, including the most complete GPS tracks available.
  • Annapurna Circuit:  Amazing trails still encircle the Annapurna Range. We have carefully explored and mapped incredible alternative trails to the jeep track and rarely see other trekkers on much of the circuit. Check out our Annapurna Fast Pack page and let us know if you have any questions. We know the circuit better than just about anyone – We set the FKT on the circuit (2014) in just over 72 hours and we are constantly exploring more and more side trail.
  • Langtang Circuit: Why drive to the start of the Langtang Valley when you can walk? The elusive goal for us has been a lollipop route starting and leaving on foot and crossing Laurabina Pass on the northbound loop, dropping through the sacred Gosiakund Lakes and traversing east up the Langtang Valley before returning south to Kathmandu via the remote Kanja Pass. We finally nailed this in 2018. Learn more about what we offer in terms of fastpacking and trekking Langtang.


Rebuilding in Langtang
Rebuilding in Langtang