Working with Robin Boustead, we have compiled information on hikers that have completed the GHT, as well as some notable efforts.

Like every dataset, there are some caveats: Our info is only as good as what is reported to us.  As of October, 2018 – We only report thru hikes that approximate the borders, or the entire span of Nepal using some variant of the upper route as designed by Robin Boustead in one season.

Under a separate tab ‘Notable Efforts/Insufficient detail’ we list: crossings where lower routes were used, if the person section hiked across multiple years, or if sections were skipped by vehicle.

Please note that we do not track ‘Fastest Known’ times on the Great Himalaya Trail. There are too many route and style variations, in the words of Robin Boustead, “Every crossing is a FKT

To view the complete dataset – please click here.