In the hushed symphony of the Himalayas, secrets whisper on the wind. Not the cacophony of Everest, but the gentle rustle of kiwifruit leaves and prayer flags fluttering in the wind. This isn’t the Shangri-La of tourist traps, but Helambu’s forgotten folds, a moss-carpeted cultural sanctuary waiting to be explored. Trade city’s stale air for mountain crispness, the city’s roar for hidden streams. Join us on a five-day pilgrimage (March 24th – 30th, 2024) through rhododendron tunnels, past stone chortens whispering forgotten mantras, towards Ama Yangri peak, a mighty guardian of Helambu.

The Numbers

Seven days including arrival, five days on trail and a departure day.

Distance: 120.47km/74.85miles, Total Gain: +9,267m/30,403ft, Total Loss: -9,265m/30,396ft, Max Elevation: 3,768m/12,362ft

Helambu Fastpack (March 24 – 30, 2024) Total distance: 120.47km/74.85miles, Total Gain: +9,267m/30,403ft, Total Loss: -9,265m/30,396ft, Max Elevation: 3,768m/12,362ft Max participants: 10. Cost: $695 All inclusive, including $250 deposit through Stripe (the rest due within 30 days). Register through Stripe!

The Helambu Fastpack is a non-competitive event where you can power hike or run, if the spirit moves you. Traverse 120.47km of unfurling canvas, each step painting resilience on your soul. Climb with the tangy kiss of sun-kissed kiwis in your pack, the taste of self-discovery on your lips. Sleep under a million star-dusted skies, wake to eagles carving thermals, and maybe find a secret kiwi vine or two!

Helambu offers +9267m of ascent, a challenge that stands alone. For those seeking even greater trails, it’s the perfect training ground for adventures like Istria 100 by UTMB (April). Where better to test your spirit and legs than in the embrace of the Himalayas, under the watchful eye of Mother Yangri?

View of Gosaikunda range near Thadepati


Day 1 Briefing and Orientation starting at noon

Day 2 Kathmandu to Chipling, Distance: 22.2k

Day 3 Chipling to Melamchigau, Distance: 24.35k

Day 4 Melamchigau to Sermathang, Distance: 19.63k

Day 5 Sermathang to Prakriti Resort, Distance: 36.47k

Day 6 Prakriti Resort to Budhanilkantha (KTM), Distance: 17.99k

Day 7 Departure day