If you are looking to hike or run near Kathmandu, please consider the Valley Rim Trail.  There is so much fabulous trail up there! The KVRT is more a concept than an official route – but with the GPS tracks and a good app on your phone to navigate the tracks with – there are hours of fun up there and a wonderful escape from the city.

The Kathamandu Valley Rim Trail is also part of the HAL Endurance Challenges. Please let us know if you complete it!

The Numbers

Total Distance: 155k, Total ascent: 15,006m, Total descent: 14,827m , total change: 29,833m (97,852 ft). Caveats: Note that GPS measurements, especially related to distance and elevation gain, include a ton of error. The best measurement is done with an old fashioned measuring wheel. All of this is a way of saying to take everything here with a grain of salt. These tracks still need to be ‘smoothed’ to reduce measurement error, if anything – they should be over-estimates.

What it looks like

Kathmandu Valley Rim Trail – Version 1

Interactive Map of Kathmandu Valley Rim Trail


Big thanks to Stephen Keeling for providing the initial GPS tracks that were used during scouting trips, and also thanks to Posan, Sudeep Kandel, and Richard Bull for additional GPS tracks.  And to Michelle Landry and Naomi Press for helping scout the initial route.


7 thoughts on “Kathmandu Valley Rim Trail (KVRT)

    1. Thanks Scotty! Looking forward to seeing you at Orcas or post Orcas in February! And hope to see you someday up on the KVRT. I remember(ed) our conversations about writing trail guides. Would be fun to do that for real sometime. This was a rough pass. Maybe another time I can go back and take real notes. Cheers!

    1. Thanks James – missing you guys and I hope all is well in KTM! Please say hi to Judy, Tikki, and Ewan for me. Hope your writing and voice work is going well!

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