When we are on an adventure, you can usually track and message us here! Click here to open the map in a larger window. Depending on our battery life – we usually transmit location points every 10 minutes to 1 hour.

7 thoughts on “Live Tracking

  1. What does a fish say when it hits its head on wall… Dam!

    It’s a late night trail joke special.

  2. Seth and fellow trekkers! Be safe out there, have fun! The girls say heyyyyyyy! Miss you buddy! Read this and thought you’d get a chuckle! Enjoy! 😘
    How to Cross a River
    One day three men were hiking along and came upon a wide, raging river. They needed to get to the other side, but it looked impossible to ford, and they had no idea of how to do it.

    The first man prayed: “Please God, give me the strength to cross this river.”

    Poof! God gave him big strong arms and legs and he was able to swim across the river—though it took him two hours to do it.

    Seeing this, the second man prayed: “Please God, give me the strength and ability to cross this river.”

    Poof! God gave him a rowboat and he was able to row across the river—though it took him three hours to do it.

    The third man had observed how this had worked out for his two hiking buddies, so he also prayed, saying, “Please God, give me the strength, ability and intelligence to cross this river.”

    Poof! God turned him into a woman. She looked at the trail map, and in a minute walked across the bridge

  3. Hi –
    I am currently looking for your track of the Harvey Manning Peak Challenge in the Pacific Northwest and don’t see it. Can you send me the link to it? Awesome website. Thanks, Jan

    1. Hi Jan – thanks for your comment. I think I made a mistake a few years ago, asking friends to post jokes on this page as I did the challenge. I may have switched the source of the map share to my personal Delorme. My memory is fuzzy. We usually use this page for tracking our adventures in Nepal and it is now linked to HAL Delorme trackers – thus no longer shows my personal tracks. If you want to email me at seth@hima… I would be happy to provide some advice on the route I took – but a big part of the challenge is figuring out how you want to connect the peaks on your own 🙂 I know one person who went direct from Granite to Pratt (I think he had snow to traverse which might have been easier than the boulder fields). And if you can figure out how to get from the top of Green over to Tenerrife without having to descend back down to the promontory like I did you will save massive amounts of time/gain and loss. Glad you are interested in it. I had a great time – the ridge between Defiance and Mailbox is quite an adventure!

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