Chulu East – reclaiming our outdoors

A gradual looking summit of Chulu East. Photo by Rishi Chudal

Over the years our guides have helped explore the Himalayas for adventure enthusiasts all over the world. One thing we realised is there are not enough fellow Nepalis in the mountains for various reasons as rightly pointed out by @nimsdai. ‘Chulu East – reclaiming our outdoors’ will help Nepalis ease into adventure activities in the Nepali Himalayas through trekking and climbing activities. 

For this trip HAL has adopted a ‘pay-as-you-want’ modality where the guests pay as they see worth for the HAL services – planning and arranging logistics for the trip, national climbing guide who is also Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certified, licensed WFR trekking guide, remote doctor on call, heli evacuation and medical insurance for staff members, first aid kit, radios, thuraya satellite phone, garmin inreach two-way communicator.  

Guests have to pay for transportation, lodging/camping and fooding, and any costs related to buying/renting gears. This trip is exclusive to Nepali only. If you are from outside Nepal please drop us a line and we will try to accommodate you on similar trips. This trip is led by HAL and a national climbing guide Niraj Karki. You can choose for a) trekking trip in Naar and a Chulu climb, b) just the Chulu climb, or c) a trek to Naar and Manang. We only have a few slots remaining on this trip. If you or someone you know might be interested please use the form below (the itinerary) to register.


Day 0 Orientation day

May 21, Day 1 KTM to Besisahar (Bus) to Koto 2,600m (Jeep)

May 22, Day 2 Koto 2,600m to Meta 3,560m (Trek)

May 23, Day 3 Meta 3,560m to Nar Phedi 3,490m (Trek)

May 24, Day 4 Nar Phedi 3,490m to Nar village 4,110m (Trek)

May 25, Day 5 Nar village 4,110m to Ngawal via Kang La Pass 5,240m  (Trek)

May 26, Day 6 Ngawal to tea house 4,000m (Trek)

May 27, Day 7 Tea house 4,000m to Chulu Base Camp, 5000m (Trek/Camping)

May 28, Day 8 Chulu Base Camp to High Camp (Climbing/Camping)

May 29, Day 9 High Camp to summit to base camp (Climbing/Camping)

May 30, Day 10 Base camp to Pisang 3,200m (Trek)

May 31, Day 11 Pisang to Besisahar (Jeep) to Ktm (Bus)

Chulu East - reclaiming our outdoors

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Dates May 21 – 31, 2022, including arrival and departure from Kathmandu.
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