Go around Mt. Manaslu (8,163 metres), the eighth highest mountain in the world! 

One of the best treks, a great blend between mountains, people and culture 

Visit remote Hinang Monastery, explore Manaslu Base Camp, optional hike to Nepal/Tibet border

End the journey overlapping the legendary Annapurna Circuit

Sharon and Sara (Class of MFP ’23) on the way to Bhimtang

Numbers with altitude!

Minimum Distance: 203.16 km, Total ascent : +13,741m, Maximum elevation: Larke Pass 5153m

Trip Reports/Photos: 2023 | 2022 

                                                                                                Map of Manaslu Circuit

Team Yeti on Larke La (5,153m) during Manaslu Fastpack 2023

Join the Manaslu 2024 team!

Date: Sep 14 – 29, 2024

16 days in total including orientation and departure. 11 days on trail including 2 acclimatization days.

Participation limited to 10 members.

Cost: $2,570. All inclusive, including $250 deposit through your UltraSignup registration (the rest due within 30 days). Register through UltraSignup!

Elevation profile for Manaslu (Tsum Variation) Circuit


Briefing and Orientation starting at noon.

Kathmandu to Machhakholagaon (870m) Bus Transport

Day 1, Machhakholagaon (870m) to Philim (1,565m), Distance: 25.61 km, Ascent: +2,200m, Descent: 1,485m

Day 2, Philim (1,565m) to Ripchet (2,502m), Distance: 17.06 km, Ascent: +1,765m, Descent: -833m

Day 3, Ripchet (2,502m) to Chule (3,293m), Distance: 19.77 km, Ascent: +1,314m, Descent: -523m

Day 4, Acclimatisation day

Day 5, Chule (3,293m) to Lokpha (1,907m), Distance: 28.52 km, Ascent: +927m, Descent: -2,309m

Day 6, Lokpha (1,907m) to Ghap (2,118m), Distance: 22.98 km, Ascent: +2,488m, Descent: -2,298m

Day 7, Ghap (2,118m) to Samagaon (3,517m), Distance: 24.85 km, Ascent: +1,902m, Descent: -500m

Day 8, Samagaon (3,517m) to Samdo (3,867m), Distance: 8.13 km, Ascent: +385m, Descent: -37m

Day 9, Acclimatisation day

Day 10, Samdo (3867m) to Bhimtang (3709m), Distance: 21.3 km, Ascent: +1,371m, Descent: -1,531m

Day 11, Bhimtang (3,709m) to Nache (2,195m), Distance: 23.73 km, Ascent: +881m, Descent: -2,403m

Day 12, Buffer day

Transport back to Kathmandu.

Departure Day