Annapurna’s Embrace: A Journey through Naar Phu and Chulu

18 days. 6000m peak. Undulating challenges.

My smile mirrored the warmth of the rising sun as I met the eyes of Ami, Matthias, and Anna. Excitement hummed in the crisp Himalayan air, their gazes reflecting the same anticipation that painted my own. The Annapurna massif loomed ahead, a silent challenge of towering peaks and hidden trails. Chulu, a 6000m+ titan, flanked by the 5000m giants of Kang La and Thorung La, awaited. It was a journey demanding both physical resilience and mental clarity, and guiding these adventurers towards its summit was a privilege I and Pasang Sherpa (IFMGA) embraced with unwavering focus.

Anna, Ami and Matthias on top of Chulu

The trip unfolded like a tapestry woven with breathtaking vistas and rustic charms. Perfect weather painted the landscapes in vibrant hues, cozy tea houses offered shelter and warmth, and the camaraderie amongst the group pulsed with infectious energy. Each day brought new challenges, a chance to test one’s limits and discover hidden reserves of strength. With support from Pasang, our IFMGA certified climbing guide, we navigated the complexities of the ascent, each step a testament to the dedication of both guides.

On the way to Chulu Base Camp

Summit Whispers and Collective Triumphs

Under the watchful gaze of a moonless sky, at 2 am, headlamps carved a path through the darkness as we began our ascent. The air hummed with the crunch of crampons on ice, the whisper of wind, and the steady rhythm of determined breaths. Each team member encountered their personal Everest – Matthias, a novice to crampons and axes, conquered his trepidation under Pasang’s expert guidance; Anna’s unwavering resolve defied the steep slopes; and Ami, who had battled altitude earlier, found her wings on the ascent.

Reaching the summit was a symphony of individual struggles harmonizing into shared triumphs. The icy peaks echoed with joyous shouts, a testament to the spirit of perseverance that had conquered them. The descent, though swifter, held its own challenges – howling winds, stubborn belay devices, and a constant testing of patience. But even amidst these trials, the breathtaking beauty of the surroundings was a constant balm, reminding us of the reward that lay in pushing beyond our perceived limits.

Echoes in the Valleys and Beyond

This expedition wasn’t just a conquest of peaks and valleys; it was a pilgrimage into the heart of resilience. It was about laughter echoing in the valleys, forged in the crucible of shared challenges. It was about discovering the indomitable spirit within, pushing boundaries, and embracing the unexpected. It was about the mountains whispering their secrets, humbling us with their grandeur and leaving us forever changed, carrying their echoes within our souls.

My mind has been quiet

Under the ever gazing eye of the

Sun, moon, sky and the mountains

I feel like a immense universe

All the emotions and thoughts

Yet my hand feels hard to write it down

It feels overwhelming to express

But as a drunkard has to drink

A poet has to write

So, you my beloved

Are reading this

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