We’re back! After some ‘bumpy times’ over the past few years due to you-know-what, we are so happy to report being able to return to helping people fulfill their dreams in the Himalayas in 2022.  Before bragging about the adventure dreams we helped people with in 2022, we want to encourage you to consider joining us in Nepal this coming year. We have organized trips ranging from the classic Annapurna […]

What happens in the Himalayas does not always stay in the Himalayas… Wanting to stretch our legs a little, and listening to some of our alumni who had ‘Kili’ on their bucket list, we decided to organize a climb. And it worked (errr…mostly worked). We are happy to report that in the early morning hours of Sept 7th, Tanzanian time,  all members of team ‘Kilimanjaro Coffee Crushers’ made it to […]

Our fifth annual Annapurna Circuit Fastpack was a success!  Team ‘Slow Momo’  was anything but slow, rounding the circuit in just over eleven days,  doing some hard ‘double days’, but also taking the right amount of time to visit the temples, smell the roses, and acclimate safely.  High points included helping organize the children’s race in Manang and everyone crossing Thorung Pass (5,405m/17,728ft) in good spirits under blue bird skies. Other […]

Seth divides his time between Seattle and Kathmandu.   His passion is the back-country, hard slogs, big mountain views, and memorable experiences. Some of his bigger adventures include Everest – South Side Summit (2011), self-supported USA transcon run from coast to coast  (2012), Kilimanjaro High Altitude Circuit Trail OKT (2013), Great Himalaya Trail with all technical passes –  Nepal (2014), Kathmandu Valley Rim Trail OKT (2015), Haute Route Pyrenee (2016), Barkley Marathons Participant […]

Maybe the third time is truly the charm? Wahoo! We are happy to report that  ‘Team Kali’  completed the Langtang Lollipop Fastpack on June 7th in northern Kathmandu at the doorstep of the Royal Astoria Hotel.  The team covered over 186k/115miles with a tremendous amount of vertical change (the cumulative gain alone was 14,198m/46,500ft) including a crossing of Larabina Pass at 4,610m/15,124ft and a sketchy crossing of the rarely visited […]

We are writing you and asking that you, and your sponsors, stop saying that you are attempting to set the FKT on the Great Himalayan Trail. This type of statement displays a lack of understanding about the history of Great Himalayan Trail and the many possible route variations.   Himalayan Adventure Labs maintains the most complete database of people who have crossed the Himalayas on foot, as well as the […]