Buckle up, folks, because Langtang Fastpack 2023 was more of an epic tale than your grandma’s Sunday yarns! Our spirited adventure kicked off with blessings from Hindu priests at the Budhanilkantha temple. We’re Team Reindeer (yes, with the antlers and all), and our adventure began in the heart of Budhanilkantha. From there, we plunged headfirst into the lush wonderland of Shivapuri National Park, where adventure and memories awaited. When we […]

A total of 130 kilometers while gaining 7560 meters of elevation in three days looks tough and demanding on paper, the journey itself is impossible to quantify. More than the physical strain the body endures, these three days were filled with observing nature as it is and quality conversations on life and such.

Maybe the third time is truly the charm? Wahoo! We are happy to report that  ‘Team Kali’  completed the Langtang Lollipop Fastpack on June 7th in northern Kathmandu at the doorstep of the Royal Astoria Hotel.  The team covered over 186k/115miles with a tremendous amount of vertical change (the cumulative gain alone was 14,198m/46,500ft) including a crossing of Larabina Pass at 4,610m/15,124ft and a sketchy crossing of the rarely visited […]

Our first edition of Langtang Fast Pack (LFP) was a huge success in terms of adventures done. We covered a lot of ground: 153 km/95miles in distance and 11,800m/38,700ft in total elevation gain over 11 dayson the trail! With the goal of starting and ending in Kathmandu on foot, we began at Budhanilknatha Temple gate in the northern part of the city, below the valley rim in the edge of Shiva […]

I’m in Bangkok visiting an orthopedist for the second time in four years. The last visit was the result of running into a doorway in Nepal during the 2013 Manaslu Stage Race, hitting my head at literal breakneck speed and resulting in a two fractured vertebrae (see ‘A Pain in the Neck‘, Journal of Wilderness Medicine. Sept 2015). This visit is the result of another trail race, albeit much further away and different […]

We are still looking for a few strong trail runners to join us in Nepal this April and September for some exploratory fast packs! We have 2 spots left on a trip this spring to Langtang Valley and 9 spots left on a fast pack around the Annapurna Circuit in the fall. Both trips are co-led by Sudeep Kandel and Seth Wolpin. The plan? To travel quick, light, and self-supported […]

Sudeep and Seth did a recon in October, 2016 with the goal of completing the entire route in 60 hours. They failed. The full trip report is posted on Seth’s personal blog. The short version is: Leaving the Royal Astoria Hotel – they made it 18 hours to Magengoth before monsoon rains hit and they took shelter in a lodge. They next day found them sheltering from rains in a […]