Buckle up, folks, because Langtang Fastpack 2023 was more of an epic tale than your grandma’s Sunday yarns! Our spirited adventure kicked off with blessings from Hindu priests at the Budhanilkantha temple. We’re Team Reindeer (yes, with the antlers and all), and our adventure began in the heart of Budhanilkantha. From there, we plunged headfirst into the lush wonderland of Shivapuri National Park, where adventure and memories awaited. When we […]

Unraveling Adventure in the Himalayas: A Journey of a Lifetime! Embark on an unforgettable odyssey with us through the Manaslu Fastpack, where the rugged Chum and Nubri Valley trails painted indelible memories in our hearts. Brace yourself for the exhilarating tale of Annapurna Fastpack, where unforeseen twists led us to embrace the raw beauty of the Himalayas. Immerse yourself in the enthralling Langtang Trail Running Camp, as Jamie defied his […]

A total of 130 kilometers while gaining 7560 meters of elevation in three days looks tough and demanding on paper, the journey itself is impossible to quantify. More than the physical strain the body endures, these three days were filled with observing nature as it is and quality conversations on life and such.

Greetings, fearless adventurers! It’s me, the Yeti, reporting back on the epic journey we embarked upon during the Manaslu Fastpack 2023, organized by the incredible folks at Himalayan Adventure Labs (HAL). Brace yourselves for a tale filled with laughter, excitement, and a sprinkle of mischief! Our team was an unstoppable force of adventure seekers, ready to conquer the untamed trails. Tony and Sharon, the seasoned veterans of Annapurna Fastpack 2017, […]

We’re back! After some ‘bumpy times’ over the past few years due to you-know-what, we are so happy to report being able to return to helping people fulfill their dreams in the Himalayas in 2022.  Before bragging about the adventure dreams we helped people with in 2022, we want to encourage you to consider joining us in Nepal this coming year. We have organized trips ranging from the classic Annapurna […]

We have almost a decade long history with Manaslu; Seth participated in the Manaslu Trail Race with some serious mis-adventures in 2013, Sudeep and Seth did the slowest known time in 2015 around the Manaslu circuit, and Sudeep took part in the trail race in 2016.  This was the first year for HAL organising the Manaslu Fastpack, after covid postponed it for two years, and what an adventure it was! […]

This was our second time visiting Khumbu area, the land of Everest having completed the maiden three passes fastpack last year. Our plan over 13 days was to cross massive valley systems using three passes; Renjo La (5,360m), Cho La (5,420m) & Kongma La (5,535m), a non -technical climb of Gokyo Ri (5,357m/17,575ft), a walk to Everest Base Camp and possibly climb Kala Patar (5550m/18,208ft). Our team consisted of six members; […]

The first things you notice as you fly into the khumbu in a rattling metal-can are the towering rock faces and the cold, you step outside onto lukla and your breath is a frozen fog in front of you. Knees knocking together with the sudden chill, we see that we are already among “lesser” peaks of the highest place on earth. Our instinct looks for warmth, so out of the […]