We are still looking for a few strong trail runners to join us in Nepal this April and September for some exploratory fast packs! We have 2 spots left on a trip this spring to Langtang Valley and 9 spots left on a fast pack around the Annapurna Circuit in the fall. Both trips are co-led by Sudeep Kandel and Seth Wolpin.

The plan? To travel quick, light, and self-supported in the mountains of Nepal. Exploring rarely used trails that cross high altitude passes, we will also stop and smell the tea – visiting temples, monasteries, museums, schools, and more along the way.

Starting on April 10th, we will attempt a unique route – leaving Kathmandu on foot and completing a high altitude loop that crosses into Langtang Valley via the rarely visited, and semi-technical, Kanja Pass (5,130m/16,830ft). We will return to our hotel in Kathmandu on foot after an epic overland 12 day journey. This may be the first time this route is ever completed and we will likely be the first visitors to the pass this year. Required experience: history of trail ultras with extensive elevation change, comfort with scrambling, exposure, crossing landslide areas, rockfall, snow travel, high attitude, limited food choices, and impromptu/wild camping.

Langtang Circuit Exploratory Fast Pack v1
April 9th-22nd. (includes arrival/dept)
Distance: 186k/115mi, Total Ascent: 14,198m/46,581ft, Maximum Elevation: 5,130m/16,830ft. Acclimatization days: 3, buffer day 1. Cost: $1,300 USD all inclusive except beer, candy, snacks etc

In September, we will revisit the Annapurna Circuit for our fourth annual fast pack – following alternative trails that few other people use. We will start in the sub tropical jungle and slowly work our way to high altitude, stopping to organize our second annual Children’s Race in Manang Village (3,519m/11,545 ft) followed by a crossing of Thorung Pass (5,405 m/17,728ft). From there, we drop down into the high desert bordering the hidden kingdoms of Dolpo and Mustang. We will start and finish this trek at the classic trail heads and we won’t skip any sections by jeep: Besisahar to Naya Pul. Required experience: history of multiple trail ultras, marathons, or fast and light long distance hikes.

Annapurna Circuit Exploratory Fast Pack v4.
Dates: September 16th- Sept 30th, 2017 (includes arrival/dept)
10 Stages, 228k/142.6miles, Total Gain: 11,846m/38,863ft, Max Elevation: 5,405m/17,728ft.Acclimatization Days: 2.
Cost: $1,500 USD all inclusive except beer, candy, snacks etc

These trips will involve school visits and different opportunities to help out, and give back, in Nepal. We also offer discounts, and support, for people interested in fund raising. Note that these are are no-frills adventures, but if anything is left over, a portion will go to Wide Open Vistas, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that we work with which operates in Nepal.

So lace up your shoes, dust off your best ultra light pack, and join us for one of these epic trips! And if you can’t make it this year, no worries. We hope you will keep us in mind for next year. Last – please share this with any friends you think would be interested. It will make us smile.

Safe trails,
Sudeep and Seth


Seth and Sudeep

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