So, when Emma asked for ideas to do a week long adventure in the Himalayas(October 2016), Mardi Himal Base Camp trek came to my mind. I had heard a lot about Mardi HBC from adventure community in Kathmandu and Sharad KC who had just finished part of the trek. After few exchanges of excitements ending with exclamations we agreed on doing Mardi HBC. At the same time we’re also looking at ways to connect MHBC with ABC otherwise divided by a river valley. I know Emma from Annapurna Fast Pack 2014 and we have been good friends since and I know exactly how badass of an adventurer she is. On our very first day we both realized that MHBC and ABC trek was doable within our time frame and jumped with the idea. After all, what’s adventure if it doesn’t give you any kicks? So we marched on with our made-on-the-trail-masterplan and did Mardi HBC, Macchapurche BC and ABC in 6 days. Thank you Emma for keeping up with my trail antics and being a great adventure companion. Excited to do Langtang Fast Pack with you and the team this April! I highly recommend Mardi for anyone looking for a short trek, with few tourists(might change once this post goes online!) and amazing views of Macchapuchre, Mardi and Annapurnas. Also much thanks to ever helpful Himalayan Map House for maps. 


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