Fastpacking events by HAL: Check out our 2019 Adventures!

Himalayan Adventure Labs is a pioneer in fastpacking events in Nepal. Our adventures are designed for trail runners and ultralight backpackers who want to cover big distances in the mountains and get off the beaten track. This non-competitive format also means we can stop and visit temples and smell flowers along the way.

Freshly brewed adventures at Himalayan Adventure Labs
Annapurna Circuit
Annapurna Fast Pack (Spring)
Distance: 228k in 10 stage(s)
Altitude: +/-11,846m Max. 5,405m
Dates: April 27 – May 12th, 2019
Langtang Lollipop Fast Pack
Distance: 186k in 10 stage(s)
Altitude: +/-14,198m Max. 5,130m
May 18th – June 1st, 2019
Kilimanjaro Climb
Distance: 65.4k in 8 stage(s)
Altitude: +/-4,760m Max. 5,895 m
Dates: Sept 1st – Sept 10th, 2019
View of Chulu Range nearThorung Pass
Annapurna Fast Pack (Fall)
Distance: 228k in 10 stage(s)
Altitude: +/-11,846m Max. 5,405m
Dates: Sept 14th – Sept 29th, 2019
View of Mount Everest from Renjo Pass
Everest Fast Pack
Distance: 131k in 10 stage(s)
Altitude: +/-7,584m Max. 5,601m
Dates: Oct 13th – Oct 30th, 2019
Lose yourself in the Himalayas for a few minutes as 10 trail runners move quick and light around the Annapurna Circuit in 11 days without using porters or pack animals. This was Himalayan Adventure Labs fifth annual trip around Annapurna. Thanks to ‘Team Slow Momo’ who joined and Matt Jenkins for this film!

“If you really want to experience Nepal in its pristine setting while discovering what you’re truly capable of achieving, then you must consider HAL for your Nepalese adventure. Besides adventure, you will be rewarded with great camaraderie, a genuine Nepalese experience and the spectacular views that make this country majestic! “

– Pablo Cabrera (Seattle, USA), Class of Annapurna Fast Pack 2016

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