Who is Thru-Hiking?

Note – our information is only as good as what is reported to us, so this is by no means a complete or exhaustive list. Please help by reporting past, current, and upcoming crossings! Once we collect more complete information on these trips we will add them to the grid further below.



Recent Efforts

These efforts may not be in our table below because we don’t have enough details!

  • Megan “Hashbrown” Maxwell  and a friend in the Spring 2017 – following high route with some lower sections.
  • Big congrats to Lizzy Hawker for doing a modified high route KBC to Hilsa in 36 days in Fall of 2017. Details will be posted when we have them…
  • Marylène Coutret: Fall 2017 – her blog has some great write-ups

Past Efforts

We’ve compiled information on hikers that made significant efforts (500km+) on the GHT below. What constitutes as a thru hike is really up to the hiker, but we recommend: a) end-ponts are Hilsa and KBC, b) that it is entirely on foot, c) that it is unbroken and done in one effort.  Our info is only as good as what is reported to us!   To download this file (or to better view it as it is quite wide, or to add comments – click here).