Checkpoints and Permits

We hope to have this section updated and mapped in the near future, but for now:

Going East to West in the western section: “There’s one in Kagbeni crossing the river into lower mustang on the way to lower Dolpo, one in Phoksundo village, one army check post on the way to huricot in Lower Dolpo (west of Kangmara pass), police post in huricot, police post between Jumla town and Chauta on way to Lake Rara, police post on entering into Laka Rara national park, one park office in the park around the lake and an army post from the lake on path to Ghamgadi, police post in Simikot, police posts in Dharapuri, tumkot, main village before Hilsa and in Hilsa. If you want to go east from Hilsa and loop back into Simikot there are a further 2 police posts in the main villages in the limitang valley.” – DM 2014

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