Signed up with a deposit, what is next?

  1. Remember to pay your balance within 30 days of your deposit or immediately if the event is less than 4 months away. Note that we are offering 5% off to people who are fundraising for a charity in Nepal (we hope you will consider Wide Open Vistas), and also for people with advanced first aid training, medical professionals, and people who have done a prior event with us, Trail Running Nepal, or Rainshadow Running.
  2. Make sure passport is valid at least six months out from exit date. Upload a scan!
  3. Get a training schedule going, remember to train for a lot of climbing and with weight on your back. Check out our partners page if you are looking for a coach.
  4. Get a complete physical exam and necessary inoculations and medications. Questions? ask us!
  5. Make your travel arrangements. See our FAQ about flights. (Try to come early and stay late!)  Upload your itinerary.
  6. Obtain visa or verify it can be issued at the airport. See FAQ’s under Visas.
  7. Register your trip with your respective country: US citizen | Canadian
  8. Read briefing by the US State Dept. on Nepal
  9. Purchase helicopter evacuation coverage. See FAQ’sUpload a scan!
  10. Call credit card/bank card companies and tell them about your travel plans.
  11. Make sure your phone is unlocked if you are planning on getting a SIM card.
  12. When you are finally ready to head out to Kathmandu, be sure to print out the Emergency Contact Sheet (ask us if you don’t have it). It will have important phone numbers. You will want these for the visa application and in case anything goes wrong. Be sure to have two passport photos, a pen, and $40 USD cash on you for the visa!
    1. On the plane they may give you a ‘Visa on Arrival’ form and a ‘Customs Declaration’ form. They may also not have these forms. If you want to get through the immigration line fast we recommend trying to fill this out on the plane. Otherwise, when you get off the shuttle bus after the plane, walk fast into the immigration hall and grab a form from the left side. It is important to realize you need to pay the visa fee first. So head to that counter  – work on filling out the visa form while you are standing in line. Pay the fee, get your receipt, and then go over to the appropriate visa line (likely 30 day visa line). After this is a visit to the luggage room and then customs. We will be waiting outside.
    2. We don’t recommend changing any money at the airport, but if you really want to – change a bit.
    3. If you arrive early enough and want a local SIM card, where we meet you at the airport is an excellent place to get the SIM card and top up on data.

Getting closer!

Proprieteers of the 'Lovely Guesthouse' in Kyang Jin Gompa - the last (and highest) village in the valley. Much of it was destroyed in the earthquake - the guesthouse has been totally rebuilt
Proprieteers of the ‘Lovely Guesthouse’ in Kyang Jin Gompa – the last (and highest) village in the valley. Much of it was destroyed in the earthquake – the guesthouse has been totally rebuilt