We get a fair number of emails from people who are not ultra runners but still maintain an active, fit lifestyle. They don’t want to trek with a bunch of strangers who haven’t been hiking in over a year and want to rely on a porter to carry all of their gear. And a lot of the times they want to get off the beaten trails. We understand!

Taking a Breather on the Annapurna Circuit


Guided Treks on Classic Routes

We are happy to offer traditional, guided treks on all of the classic routes in Nepal.  We stay in beautiful lodges as we trek deep in the Himalaya on these trips; these lodges have warm blankets and tasty food, so all members can get by with light day packs carrying just the essentials. All of our trips are ‘full-board’ and include virtually all of your costs once you are in Nepal, from airport pickup to airport drop-off. Our trips are led by awesome licensed Nepali guides who speak English and who we have carefully vetted.

How We Are Different

‘Always searching for alternative trails’ is something our friends tease us about, we like a little bit of the unknown because otherwise it isn’t an adventure!  We also cater to vegetarians and vegans and those with special needs. We donate 10% of all proceeds to our partner charity Wide Open Vistas which works to help children stay in school. And dang it, we just know how to put together an awesome trip.