Be sure to read the main GHT page – it also includes a link to our repository of GPS files. The following is a brief description provided to use by people in the field. If you have some notes to add, please send them to us or leave a comment.

There are countless high passes on the GHT, but there are five passes that are not only extremely high, but technical that can require ice axes, crampons, roped glacier travel, climbing skills, and rappelling. This is an ongoing project to document these passes as we went into them with relatively little knowledge. Each pass was an incredible challenge and typically took several more days then we originally planned. Do not take them lightly, and also please use your own judgement and use this information at your own risk. Directions are west to east. Above all, be safe. Last Updated: 9/2/2014

Additional sources: Please also see Jean-Claude Latombe’s reports of the first four passes during his 2012 expedition from Taplejung to Jiri

Our first technical pass: Sherpani Col 6180m