Be sure to read the main GHT page – it also includes a link to our repository of GPS files. The following is a brief description provided to use by people in the field. If you have some notes to add, please send them to us or leave a comment.

Below, please find descriptions of crossing Tashi Labsa – the technical pass and crux of this section. Seth April 7, 2015

Tashi Labsta probably gave us more problems and a bigger scare then any of the other passes.  Going up the valley you will find a choke point that is steep rock on the right and steep ice on the left.  This is NOT the way! Traverse this cliff to the right and you will find a steep snow slope that will take you up the hill to a ramp/ledge that will take you over the chokepoint.  If you go this way then it is not that difficult though there is exposure below you as you move along these ledges.  There is a place to camp near the top of the pass at the base of the cliff on your right.  Be very careful here as there is a lot of big ice and rock fall coming down here.  It is a good place to get crushed.  The tent platforms are protected by the overhanging rock.  The higher platforms are the better ones.  The lower ones are a bit poopy.

Campsite under rock overhang near top of Tashi Labsta
Campsite under rock overhang near top of Tashi Labsta

The descent was initially straight forward.  Descend the snow slopes to the left side of the Drolambau Glacier.  This will lead you to a cairned trail that takes you down to where the Drolambau glacier connects with the Trakarding Glacier.  Here you will find Glacier Camp which is an eagles next type camping ground.  One of the most amazing camping spots we have seen in the world.  From here there are a few rock climbing scrambles to get to the valley and the Trakarding Glacier.  The book said a hand line might be needed but we managed without.  From here we went very wrong.  We went down the glacier which is a huge rock moraine for as far as you can see with a lake at the end of it.  We ended up following the cairns for the old trail.  This area is hugely subjected to rock fall.  We spent close to 24 hours working our way through this section be pretty much constantly bombarded by rock.  The new trail climbs out of the valley shortly after Glacier Camp (we think) and goes above all the landslide area on the south side of the valley.  Find this trail.  You will be much happier.