Be sure to read the main GHT page – it also includes a link to our repository of GPS files. The following is a brief description provided to use by people in the field. If you have some notes to add, please send them to us or leave a comment.

April 9th through April 18th, 2014.

We took a bad two day jeep ride from Kathmandu to Sukatar which is a couple kilometers just beyond Taplejung and got out at the air strip. We then walked north on 4/9/2014 toward Pang Pengma – near Kanchenjunga Base Camp. Flying would have been better and almost the same price. There was a rough jeep track that could be used to shave at least a day off, we did not use this. It will no doubt be further built out in the near future. Remy and David reported a good (and much more economical) two day journey by sleeper bus and then rented a jeep to go a days walk further.

We took half a day of rest in Amajilosa to deal with health issue (foot) and a full day to acclimatize in Ghunsa. We also took a day of rest on the return to Ghunsa. Those were are only rest days throughout the entire traverse. If you are going, you should know Lhonak was very rustic and you really will want to make sure that someone place is open. We slept on the benches in the one kitchen which was filled with smoke and ice. There are other rough buildings around but they are padlocked. Ask in Kampachen (which was a decent place to stay) if any locals want to rent out their places up there. Better yet, bring a tent up there and camp at Lhonak or Pangpema. There are also shelters at Pangpema but perhaps best to not count on using them. We stashed our tents in Ghunsa and regretted not having the autonomy higher up. It was quite cold. It was a beautiful walk.