Sun’s Out, Gear Up! Summer’s in full swing, and we hope you’re soaking up the sunshine (with sunscreen, of course) after a (hopefully) refreshing spring. Here in Nepal, the pre-monsoon is keeping things interesting with some surprise showers – just another twist in the ever-unpredictable mountain weather! This Adventure Season This season, the HAL team has scattered like hungry squirrels at a nut buffet – each on their own epic […]

Welcome to 2024 and a Decade of Trailblazing with HAL As the crisp mountain air of a brand new year embraces us, we at HAL extend our warmest greetings and wishes for a year filled with epic adventures, stunning vistas, and unforgettable memories. 2024 marks our 10th anniversary, and we’re not just looking back on countless miles traversed, but looking forward to pushing boundaries and creating even more incredible experiences […]