Anuj Chudal

Anuj Dev Chudal, ever since from childhood he has been an
outdoor person. Either climbing trees when he was child to climbing rocks now mostly. His first experience
with mountains happened when he, tired of high school left it in the final year and headed to the
mountains towards the sacred land of Upper Mustang with his brother and friends. Which having seen
countless pictures of and hearing stories about the enlightened monks was a mystical land for him and
after walking for 15 days up, across and around the Annapurna mountain, he was convinced his life was in
the mountains. He has done climbing trip in Hampi and Badami in India, tried to solo climb Yala peak in Langtang (DNF) and first Free Ascent of “Gham Chaya” in Chame, Manang the highest sport climbing rock route in Nepal with his brother Rishi. He is a licensed trekking guide in Nepal.


Rishi Chudal

Rishi Dev Chudal, a student of geology academically but he is curious about everything. In this mess of wonders, that is life, he has found the call of the wild to be most tempting. He learned to walk, run, climb, fall, live among them. Putting it mildly, he is obsessed with mountains. Hearing this call, he has evolved as an explorer, a rock climber, trail
runner and a good human being.


Sonam Shah

Sonam Shah hails from Pokhara, the town of lakes where you can see one of the best views of Mount Fishtail (6,993 m/22,943 ft). Sonam loves running, backpacking and being in the mountains. She used to work for Wide Open Vistas and lead Girls In Action program.


Seth Wolpin

The Man, The Myth, The Legend. Seth has run across US, climbed Mount Everest, trekked across Great Himalayan Trail in Nepal and has handful of FKT’s under his belt. He likes being outdoor and sharing stories of adventure and misadventures. He does back and forth between Seattle and Kathmandu. He is a founder of Wide Open Vistas (a charity with a mission to help improve childhood health outcomes in Nepal) is a co-founder of Himalayan Adventure Labs.


Sudeep Kandel

     When Sudeep is not posing for pictures he is either out on a trails in Kathmandu or in the mountains. He has ran across Nepal (DNF) with two other friends (DF) to raise awareness of education. He is a co-founder of Himalayan Adventure Labs and Kathmandu Running Club. He is a licensed trekking guide in Nepal.