Wide Open Vistas (WOV) with the help from Dr. Jessie Gehner (from Virginia Tech Carilion in US) and her team is organizing Wilderness First Aid (WFA) in Kathmandu. The training is planned for April 6th Saturday and is divided in two sessions; one for high school girls and other for female guides.

Wide Open Vistas is providing logistical support including meeting spaces, first aid kits to participants, projector, recruiting participants from their base of high school kids in northern Kathmandu. Himalayan Adventure Labs is helping recruit female licensed guides living in Kathmandu. Sudeep is a licensed guide and is helping recruit from that audience as well. 

This training is only for female trekking guides who have a valid trekking guide license. Usually WFA costs more than Rs. 9000 but for this training WOV heavily subsidized the entry fee to Rs. 300 only so that female guides from varied background can join the training. Participation is limited to 20 only. 


Wilderness First Aid (WFA) training

Venue: Himalaya Boarding High School

Date: २३ चैत्र २०७५, शनिवार, Saturday April 06, 2019

Time: 1pm to 5pm


Wilderness First Aid (WFA) 2019 Signup Form

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