Note – distances yet to be finalized. Updated on 08 May 2017.

New addition to our fast packs for 2018 is Mardi Himal & Annapurna Base Camp(MHABC). Our sister fast pack Annapurna Fast Pack goes around the famous Annapurna Circuit whereas MHABC will go inside the Annapurna Sanctuary and climb the Mardi Himal Base Camp. The fast pack will start and end near Pokhara which is renowned for its lakes and impressive views of Mount Fishtail and other mountains.

Macchapuchre/Fishtail from Mardi Himal Base Camp.

The main highlight of this fast pack is Mardi Himal Base Camp(MHBC), ever popular Annapurna Base Camp(ABC) and Gurung(local ethnic group) culture and tradition on the way. The fairly new trail to Mardi Himal Base Camp gives a stunning view of the south face of Mount Fishtail(Macchapuchre). We will link Mardi Himal with Annapurna Base Camp by walking down from Forest Camp to Landruk and joining the main trail to ABC.

Annapurna Base Camp

Annapurna Base Camp

We are still working on the itinerary and will slowly add distances and elevation gain. Like all of our other trips, you can count on long, hard days with lots of climbing alongside jaw dropping views. You can also count on acclimatization days where we climb high and sleep low, great gear advice, carrying your own weight, and a fun small-group experience with time to stop and visit temples. You will get a silly trail name whether you like it or not but you don’t necessarily have to respond to it (which means people will eventually stop using it). Last, you can count on us adjusting the itinerary to meet group needs, vagaries of the weather, and other mundane reasons if needed. We have acclimatization days, but we also have a fairly aggressive schedule. You need to understand the risks of altitude sickness and accept that one consequence is we may need to alter the itinerary.

This trip is co-lead by Sudeep Kandel and Seth Wolpin. Both are familiar with the region and have a lot of experience with fast packs in Nepal including FKTs on the Annapurna and Manaslu circuits. Sudeep Kandel and Emma(a HAL veteran) did this trip in October 2016. Brief trip report and pictures here

All inclusive cost is $1,850 (includes transportation, lodging, food, drinks….pretty much everything except your booze and snicker bars). Maximum group size is 10, minimum is 5. Preference is given to applicants with solid histories of endurance ‘stuff’ and high altitude experience. Promises of chocolate may, or may not, help as well.

Itinerary – March 3rd Saturday – March 16th Friday 2018

3rd Saturday – Arrival day
4th Sunday – Briefing
5th Monday – Drive to Pokhara
6th Tuesday – Pokhara to Kande(drive), Kande 1770m to Pitam Deurali 2100m
7th Wednesday – Pitam Deurali 2100m to Low Camp 2970m
8th Thursday – Low Camp 2970m to High Camp 3540m
9th Friday – Acclimatisation day High Camp 3540m
10th Saturday – High Camp 3540m to Mardi Himal Base Camp 4250m to Landruk 1565m
11th Sunday – Landruk 1565m to Himalaya 2920m
12th Monday – Himalaya 2920m to Macchapuchre Base Camp(MBC) 3700m

13th Tuesday – MBC 3700m to Annapurna Base Camp 4130 to Bamboo 2310m
14th Wednesday – Bamboo 2310m to Kimche 1640m to Pokhara 820m

15th Thursday – Drive to Kathmandu
16th Friday – Departure day

How we take a nap!
Count on plenty of breaks on the trail.